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Pomegranate leaves - healthy tea

You can take pomegranate leaves as a tea, paste, extract or even juice, sometimes in combination with pomegranate seeds and flowers (buds). At the moment, it has already been proven that the substances contained in this plant material contribute to digestion and the treatment of certain infectious diseases. Pomegranate leaves have also been studied for their appetite suppressant and weight loss effects. They will also be useful for skin problems and insomnia.

For weight loss

“Pomegranate leaf extract helps suppress appetite, one of the main culprits of obesity when the diet is high in fat,” writes Li Zhong Du of Tsinghua University in Beijing. Until now, the attention of scientists has been focused on the fruits of the pomegranate. A new study published in the International Journal of Obesity has changed this situation and shifted the focus of scientific thought towards pomegranate leaves.

The effect of pomegranate leaf extract was tested on mice, the menu of which included saturated fat components that cause obesity and hyperlipidemia (increased concentration of fats in the blood).

The experimental animals were divided into 2 groups, one of which, in addition to the main diet, was given pomegranate leaf extract (PLE) at 400-800 mg/kg daily for 5 weeks.

Compared to a control group of mice that gained more than 20% over the course of the experiment, the PLE-treated mice showed remarkably healthy results.

Pomegranate leaves contain substances that promote faster and better breakdown of fats in the digestive tract, as well as trigger special enzymatic processes that suppress appetite. This is one of the most effective weight loss products.

Benefits for digestion

Tea brewed with pomegranate leaves is recommended by herbalists for indigestion at the level of mild discomfort. Of course, with severe pain and other severe symptoms, you need to seek medical help.

Due to its powerful antibacterial properties, the juice obtained from pomegranate leaves and seeds is especially good in the treatment of dysentery, an infectious disease accompanied by severe pain and diarrhea.

Leaf paste

From this vegetable raw material, you can prepare a medicinal paste. The leaves are dried, crushed and mixed with a small volume of liquid.

This paste is used to treat conjunctivitis and other eye infections. For maximum effectiveness, it should be applied to the affected areas as often as possible.

There were no serious side effects in the treatment with pomegranate leaf paste.


For liver and digestion, gather pomegranate leaves, wash and dry in the shade. Next, grind to a powder state. Take 3 g twice a day.

For insomnia, grind dried pomegranate leaves. Add 3 g of the resulting powder to 200 ml of water and keep on fire until the liquid is reduced to one quarter of its original volume. Drink before bed to help you fall asleep faster.

To combat wrinkles, 1 part pomegranate leaf juice is boiled over low heat in half a part of sesame oil until all the liquid has evaporated. The resulting oil has a strong anti-aging effect due to the high concentration of active ingredients. Use this oil regularly.

With eczema, juice squeezed out of pomegranate leaves improves the affected areas of the skin.

Leaf decoction is good for coughing. In addition to pomegranate greens, you will need pomegranate buds, tulsi leaves and black pepper (2-3 peas). All these ingredients must be boiled in water for several minutes. Warm broth is filtered and drunk. You can also read about tulsi tea (Indian plant, mostly).

A mixture of juice from fresh pomegranate leaves and sesame oil in equal proportions will save you from ear pain. Instill a few drops in each ear.

In the case of sores in the oral cavity, 20-25 g of pomegranate leaves are crushed, thrown into water (400 ml) and boiled until the volume is reduced to one quarter. Then the decoction is filtered and gargled with it.

As you can see, pomegranate leaves are no less useful than the fruits we are used to. It is particularly interesting the dietary effect of these greens, coupled with powerful antiviral properties.

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