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Herbs are useful in many ways. For example, the Mediterranean diet would not be as healthy without Mediterranean herbs. Herbs go into tea and cooking. But exact knowledge of herbs is needed. We accumulate information about herbs, especially Mediterranean herbs, how to collect and prepare them. In particular, we describe recipes for the Mediterranean diet with Mediterranean herbs.

Here you can find:
- herbs description
- herbs for cooking
- herbs used for tea
- herbs uses
- plant for tea and healing


As it becomes clear to many people that big cities are more of a trap than a normal life, they begin to pay more attention to nature and living in natural conditions, eating more natural foods, using herbs, nuts and wild fruits. However, in order to do this consciously and safely, one needs to know what chemical composition each herb has, what benefit or harm it can bring, how to use it correctly. Therefore, we began to collect information on this website about plants and how to use them for our friends and for us.

You obviously can collect, dry and use herbs in your own way. However, it might be thoughtful to know the general rules and procedures for herbs products making. So, by reading, you can familiarize yourselves with basic information on the topic. 

Herbs are plants that can affect health. Most of the herbs in the world today are not harvested from the wild, but grown on plantations. This is a certified organic production, without the use of agrochemicals and mineral fertilizers. Those are plants grown in meadows, in a field without irrigation, in a field with irrigation, in a field with drip irrigation and covering the soil with polymeric materials, in film greenhouses, in glass greenhouses, in high-tech greenhouses with a fully controlled climate and automation of all processes. Medicinal herbs are grown by specialized agro-industrial enterprises.

The cultivation of herbs is subject to basically the same principles that apply to other agricultural crops, but at the same time, the specific features of the cultivation of herbs must be taken into account.



Each herb requires a specific...



Walking along the mountain paths on the Mediterranean coast, you see so many fragrant herbs and flowers, they attract to smell and admire them. Most of them are useful and very valuable, but some are poisonous, although very beautiful ...



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How things are done in Sicily

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Soup with herbs form Montenegro

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